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Comprehensive Childcare Insurance for Your Peace of Mind in Australia

At Ansvar, we pride ourselves on providing tailored insurance and risk management solutions in the sectors that make a real difference to our society. Childcare is an essential service within our communities, which shapes the next generation’s future.

If you require specialist insurance for your kindergarten, preschool, crèche or other forms of child care centre; Ansvar is here to protect you. Our team will develop a tailored insurance solution that caters for your unique situation, and provides comprehensive cover for the things you value.

Early learning business insurance you can depend on

There’s been a significant change in Australia’s child care sector over the last few years – particularly with the introduction of The National Quality Framework (NQF) for driving continuous improvement and consistency in education and care services.

This change has brought a whole host of new tools and resources to the sector, such as improved quality reporting systems, incident reporting/management, staff credentialing and more effective on-boarding and induction programs.

Ansvar’s experience providing support and expert guidance to child care businesses means that we can help you attain these tools and resources, thus resulting in a smooth and seamless transition to elevated standards of child care services.

What are the key risks that our child care insurance can protect against?

From fire and accidental damage to protecting carers, volunteers and children in your care, financial loss and more; Ansvar provides peace of mind that your childcare business is safeguarded.

Gain access to our diverse range of sector-specific tailored risk management and personalised solutions for family day care insurance. From strategic workshops and online incident reporting software, Ansvar can provide expert advice and useful tools for the protection of your child care business.

We support your journey with expert governance and risk consultancy, online incident reporting tools and access to our risk partners for specialist systems and advice. At Ansvar, we provide ongoing support and solutions to meet your specific needs.
Conducting aerial roof inspections of multi-storey child care facilities is just one aspect of Ansvar’s in-depth risk engineering initiatives.

Key risks in the Care sector include

Fire & Accidental Damage
Protecting Carers & Volunteers
Protecting the Vulnerable in your Care

Discuss your early learning or childcare business insurance needs with us today

Whether your business requires our Care Insurance Business Pack, Industrial Special Risk Insurance, Management Liability Insurance or General Public and Products Liability Insurance services, find out more today for a consultation with one of our highly experienced brokers today.

We can also assist with tailored education, community, faith and heritage insurance solutions.

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