Safeguarding Our Heritage: Insurance for Historic Buildings

Heritage buildings are important reminders of our collective cultural history. Preserving them is our responsibility so that future generations can experience a connection to the past. We help ensure that historic buildings are properly protected and safeguarded with specialist support, risk management and insurance solutions.

Heritage buildings have unique risks. We'll help you manage them

Ansvar are the experts in helping customers identify the complex risks and vulnerabilities inherent with historical properties and organisations. Our specialist Heritage insurance cover is customised to meet your property’s specific requirements.

It’s also important to note that your insurance policy is not just about the physical building, but also about your staff, volunteers, visitors and valuable relics.

Common risks in the Heritage sector include:

Historic buildings, cultural landmarks and more

Working with your broker, you'll discover just how reassuring and tailored our insurance cover is at Ansvar.  You'll get the right cover for your Heritage property that will protect you, your staff and your property.

Historic insurance products include: 

Safeguard your Heritage property for future generations

Above all, Ansvar provides you with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered. To ensure the future of your Heritage building, ask your broker for a quote from Ansvar today.

Risky Business

Risk is unavoidable, it's everywhere — organisations and their people are always exposed, which is why managing risk is risky business. To help you and your organisation mitigate risk, we've developed a range of helpful risk management resources.


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