NACYS Opens Its Doors

NACYS Opens Its Doors 

Nine months after the devastation caused by an arson attack in September 2012, the Northern Area Community and Youth Service (NACYS) reopened its doors.

Founded in 1981, the centre touches the lives of around 4,000 children every year, providing early childhood care, immunisations and other medical services as well as running a community development team which positively engage with the community.

Clare Dilliway, CEO of NACYS said, "While watching the centre go down in flames, we had to ask ourselves the big question of whether to close it down or find a way to make it work. And with staff and parents arriving at 7am that day, we made the quick decision to be positive and get it back up and running."

Upon recalling the night’s events, Clare explained that one of the first calls she made was to the centre’s Insurance Broker Morgan Jones of Austbrokers Terrace.

"I called Morgan at around 7.00am who immediately called our insurance company Ansvar, which made all the necessary arrangements. They were just great, we had the clean-up team arrive pretty much immediately and had assurance that Morgan and the Ansvar team were on top of it".

Clare said she is so thankful that Morgan, who has been the centre’s Insurance broker for nearly a decade, recommended Ansvar Insurance, as the process was "incredibly seamless and efficient".

"We’ve known Morgan for a long time, and really trust his advice and knew he would have our best interests at heart".

"I’ve been told the fire resulted in around $1M dollars in damages, a figure we just couldn’t have covered ourselves. If we hadn’t had insurance we wouldn’t be re-opening the centre, which would have resulted in over 20 staff losing their jobs and hundreds of children needing to find alternative care."

Working closely with Austbrokers Terrace, the team at Ansvar was able to ease some of the centre’s burden and provide a level of financial assurance throughout the redevelopment process.

"When the unthinkable happens, it’s our role to make things easier for our clients. Our team of underwriters, broker and advisors, pride themselves on ensuring the right cover is in place before incidents occur, so people can focus on getting themselves back on track," said Ansvar, CEO, Andrew Moon.

"Cases like NACYS’s can be particularly distressing, so we wanted to do everything we could to get the centre back up and running, as quickly as possible."

Clare and her team are looking forward to getting on with business and can’t wait to have the centre filled with f with kids and community members.

"It’s been a hard road but we are so excited to be opening our doors once again."

"There are just too many organisations and people to thank them all individually. We’ve have donations ranging from money and whiteboards, to electrical equipment to shopping centre space."

"I even had one lady come up to me the morning of the fire and donate half a pack of biscuits and some fruit for the kids – she said to me it’s all I’ve got but I want the kids to have it. I was touched by her generosity – every single donation given to the centre has meant so much."