At Ansvar Insurance we put our customers at the heart of our business.

Tailored Insurance for the Care, Community, Faith, Education and Heritage Sectors

We are a specialist insurer of Faith and Charity organisations, Educational and Care facilities, Community groups and Heritage buildings.  Our expertise in these sectors means that we understand and know the risks your organisation faces and how you can minimise them.


We are leaders in providing specialised insurance solutions to the Australian Faith community. With more than 50 years of experience, our extensive history and unique understanding of the diverse and complex nature of the Faith sector mean we offer tailored cover, expert risk management advice and a dedicated claims service.  We can provide the right protection for your place of worship, congregation, staff members and volunteers.


We have a thorough understanding of the unique risks and challenges Care facilities and services face. We focus on providing tailored insurance coverage and risk management services for Aged Care providers, Retirement Villages, Disability Services and Child Care Services and we can provide the right level of protection for your industry.


Educational facilities ranging from primary schools to adult learning centres must be diligent, transparent and incredibly conscientious with their processes and protocols.

We understand the types of risk exposures that learning environments face and have developed insurance cover to meet your needs and ensure their assets are protected. We also provide cover for your directors, board members, staff, students and volunteers.


We know that heritage buildings are often complex structures and require specialist risk advice, so we’ve developed a unique Heritage insurance product and range of services to help preserve your community for years to come. Buildings and sites of cultural significance or community importance contribute to our heritage, which is important to protect for future generations.


We understand that the Australian Community Service and Not-for-Profit sector is a growing industry that contributes to society on an invaluable level, often in challenging circumstances.

We have designed our products and services to meet the needs of Community Service and Not-for-Profit organisations large and small.


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