Downloads, Worksheets & Resources


You may find the below resources useful in the day to day running of your organisation.

Recent Documents

Security Toolkit for Places of Worship

Stamp Duty Exemptions on insurance policies - are you eligible? Click do download (pdf).

Recent Presentations:

2016 Geelong Interfaith Arson Forum presentation


White Papers:

arson white paper cover construction hazard white paper cover
Understand, Manage and Reduce the Risks of Arson  Construction Hazard White Paper


Case Studies

Swan Valley Adventure Centre


Protecting the vulnerable:

*NEW* Ansvar’s Approach to Abuse Cover

Early Childhood - Property Risk Management Manual

Sexual Abuse Cover - Occurrence v Claims Made

Sexual Abuse Factsheet

Sexual Abuse Questionnaire

Risk Management Guide - Preventing Abuse

Prevention of Abuse - Client Protection Policy Checklist

Prevention of Abuse - Sample Client Protection Policy

General risk management:

Risk Introduction Brochure

Risk management fact sheets and checklists

Risk Management - Asbestos

Risk Management - Jumping Castles

Risk Management - Skate Ramps

Knowing Risk - Metal Theft Fact Sheet

Arson and Accidental Fire Checklist

*NEW* Fire Season Preparedness 2016

 *NEW* Fire Extinguisher Fact Sheet

Faith Factsheets and Brochures:

Church Security Factsheet

Church Arson Factsheet

Managing Hazards Brochure

People Protection Brochure

Property Protection Brochure

For faith organisations:

A. Contents Inventory
B. Hazard Identification List
C. Annual Hazard Review
D. Incident/Hazard Report Form
E. Volunteer Workers Application and Registration
F. Volunteer Drivers Application and Registration
G. Volunteer Child/Youth Leaders Application and Registration
H. Property Hire Agreement
I. Risk Management Action Plan
J. Hierarchy of Controls
K. Liability Release Form (Youth Activities)
L. Action plan/audit tool
M. Health & Safety Policy
N. Health And Safety Rules
O. Housekeeping Checklist
P. Induction Checklist for New Employees/Voluntary Workers
Q. First Aid Guidance Document
R. Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide
S. Hazardous Substances Inventory
T. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Guidance Document
U. Contractors Log
V. Hot Work Permit
W. Sample working with children application form
X. Sample working with children interview questions