Why Expertise Matters

We understand that the Australian Community Service and Not-for-Profit sector is a growing industry that contributes to society on an invaluable level, often in challenging circumstances. 

We have developed a unique Community insurance product and range of services to help meet the needs of Community Service and Not-for-Profit organisations large and small.   

Risky Business

Risk is unavoidable, it's everywhere — organisations and their people are always exposed, which is why managing risk is risky business. To help you and your organisation mitigate risk, we've developed a range of helpful risk management resources.


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Risks Associated with Using Volunteers
Working with volunteers can be a vital and rewarding part of an organisations vision and mission; however, there are a number of risks that need to be considered. This case study article outlines issues faced, legal responsibilities and lessons learnt when working with volunteers and what you can do to avoid risk when working with volunteers.
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