Safeguarding Vulnerable People

Ansvar’s Physical and Sexual Abuse (PSA) policy protects your organisation against allegations of sexual abuse committed by either an employee or volunteer against a member of the public whilst in your care.

The cover is offered to organisations with robust risk management procedures in place and offers peace of mind for a serious risk which is very real for organisations that provide care to vulnerable people including children, the disabled and the elderly.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding generally refers to the responsibilities, measures and activities undertaken to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from harm and abuse. Safeguarding in an organisation does not just happen; it requires an increase of awareness, adoption of strategies, good governance, risk management and practice that together create a culture where the best interests and safety of children and vulnerable adults are the first priority.

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Our risk consultants have specialist knowledge and expertise in safeguarding vulnerable people with extensive experience gained from working in the Care Services sector.

Through our webinar programs and thought leadership series, our risk alerts and range of risk resources and tools, Ansvar can provide valuable and actionable insights about how best to protect and safeguard vulnerable people for organisations who have a duty of care and responsibility for the welfare of people they serve.


If you are interested in learning more about how best to safeguard vulnerable people as well as reduce potential risks for your organisation, please feel free to contact our ERM risk consultants.


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