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Commercial Property Owners

Specialist insurance designed to protect commercial property investors and owners of retail stores, offices and commercial mixed tenancies

With a long history of protecting some of Australia’s most iconic cultural and heritage properties, it is a natural extension for us at Ansvar to use our unique knowledge and expertise to help protect the needs of commercial property owners and investors, a growing market for Ansvar.

Ansvar’s Commercial Property Owner offering is an all in one product providing broad insurance cover for property assets valued up to $20m including Retail, Office and commercial mixed tenancy such as strip shops and shopping centres. This product is designed to protect property assets, rental income, liability, machinery breakdown and much more. All available in the one convenient package, our Commercial Property Owners package can be easily tailored to your clients’ individual circumstances.

At Ansvar we do more than provide a comprehensive insurance product, we also provide superior claims service and a risk management proposition to assist our commercial property owner customers.

Why Choose Ansvar’s Commercial
Property Owners Insurance

All in one package tailored to
protect the unique needs of
commercial property owners
Extensive coverage for
commercial property and
content damage
Legal liability is covered for
personal injury, property damage
or even advertising injury
Protection against loss of
Protected against costly
mechanical breakdowns
Protected against
accidental damage

Features & Benefits

Ansvar’s Commercial Property Owners Insurance Policy has been designed specifically to protect your clients buildings and includes covering property damage, loss of revenue following an insured event, loss of money, income protection, theft, breakdown of mechanical and electronic equipment and general liability including personal injury. This all in one convenient package has a number of features and benefits as follows.

At Ansvar, we also insure small and large businesses and provide a Business Insurance package product for SME’s and individual products for larger businesses.

Features & BenefitsWhat is covered?Additional Benefits
Accidental Damage Covers you for accidental damage to your insured property at the declared location(s). Cover applies to the declared and/or defined property and is for damage occurring during the period of insurance up to the limit of liability and any applicable sub limits of liability.We also provide cover for accidental glass breakage, buildings of architectural or historic interest, catastrophe escalation costs, contents temporarily removed from the location, discharge of mortgage costs, external fixtures and fittings including landscaping, flood, personal effects, property in the open air, temporary protection.
Breakdown of Mechanical and Electronic EquipmentCovers you for breakdown in use of your declared mechanical equipment, including explosion of boilers and pressure vessels, and breakdown of your electronic equipment.We also provide cover for deterioration of refrigerated goods, data medial material and records and an increase in cost of working.
MoneyCovers you for loss of money which occurs during the period of insurance.We also provide cover for clothing and personal effects, funeral expenses, replacement of safes, locks and keys
TheftCovers you for theft of property (other than money) which occurs during the period of insurance.We also provide cover for clothing and personal effects, funeral expenses, metered water, replacement of safes, locks and keys
Income ProtectionCovers you for loss of income during the indemnity period as a result of damage occurring during the period of insurance.We also provide cover for access prevention, additional accounting and other professional costs, additional increase in cost of working, additional severance pay, book debts, catastrophe escalation costs, claims preparation costs, fines and penalties and property in the vicinity
General Public & Products LiabilityCovers you for your legal liability (including legal liability arising out of your products) to pay compensation in respect of personal injury, property damage and/or advertising injury happening in connection with your operations during the period of insurance.We also provide cover for legal costs for Occupational Health and Safety Breaches, public relations expenses and trauma counselling costs.
Tax AuditCovers you for the cost of a professional engaged with our consent incurred by you in connection with a tax audit commenced during the policy period.


Commercial Property Owners Policy Information

If you would like to learn more about Ansvar’s Commercial Property Owners insurance package, please refer to the Commercial Property Policy Wordings provided in our document library, accessible via the button below.

Commercial Property Policy Wordings

Risk Management

With years of experience specialising in protecting quite unique Heritage and culturally significant properties, Ansvar has proven knowledge and expertise in managing the range of risks associated with protecting valuable building assets and commercial properties.

Some of the common risks associated with protecting commercial properties include weather and storm, fire, vandalism and accidental damage.

Weather & Storm
Accidental Damage

For more information about the risk support we provide for Commercial Property Owners, please contact our team at your local state office.

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