We protect and support your community
We are a specialist insurance company with a difference and put our customers at the heart of our business.

Risk is unavoidable, it’s everywhere — organisations and their people are always exposed, which is why managing risk is risky business. To help you and your organisation mitigate risk, we’ve developed a range of helpful risk management resources. More details on our Risk Solutions can be found here.

We provide tailored insurance solutions and products to address the specific risks and challenges your organisation faces

Knowledge and understanding of risks
We have an extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the risks faced by our customers within the Care, Community, Faith, Education and Heritage sectors.
Expert risk management advice
We’ve got you covered with expert risk management advice and services.
Specially designed products for each sector
We understand where you may be vulnerable in your organisation and will provide you with the right insurance solution.
Efficient, compassionate and professional claims service
Our team is experienced in all matters relating to claims and they will give you piece of mind when it comes to your requirements.
Protection from general public and directors and officers liability
We offer General Public Liability Insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance across all sectors.

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