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Thermographics: Assisting Ansvar in providing technology-rich assessment solutions

April 6, 2016


Ansvar providing thermographic assessment certification for all its risk assessors

Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the Care, Community, Education, Faith and Heritage sectors has announced that all of their risk solution advisors have now obtained certifications in thermographic technology demonstrating the progressive adoption of technology across the business.

Thermographic cameras provide an innovative technology that goes beyond pre-emptive precaution. Electrical fires can cripple the infrastructure of any business but for a not-for-profit entity the impact goes further than just the business itself; it diffuses into its community. This is why the Ansvar team has invested in thermographic training and technology.

Thermographic technology provides a visual of heat patterns allowing risk solution advisors to see behind the electrical board, highlighting any potential electronic faults. With electrical problems being a major cause of fires, prevention is key. Using a thermographic camera allows for rapid assessment and identification of potential electrical issues which enables organisations to take critical preventative measures. Ansvar is taking their investment one step further and reinforcing its commitment to both the technology and its customers by qualifying the whole risk assessment team.

“The purpose of prevention is often perceived to be about saving the insurer money. However, Ansvar’s investment in thermographic technology is not just a consequence of face value preventative elements. Ansvar’s intention is to use the thermographic technology to assist our customers in realizing their overall objective:  which for the care, community, education, and faith sectors involves caring for and protecting their communities, “said Diana Borgmeyer, Head of Risk Solutions at Ansvar.

Fires can cripple the infrastructure and result in operational losses and stoppage of services. For Ansvar’s specialty sectors this can have a devastating effect on the communities that rely on these services.  It is not only the business that suffers, so it is crucial Ansvar remains vigilant and efficient at identifying problems and resolving them before the customer is affected.

“It’s not just about having toys – we are looking for opportunities and the incorporation of the latest technology in the right places to best service our customers and provide them with the value of care and service they have come to expect from Ansvar,” said Diana.

Ansvar’s risk and support solutions are continually evolving to ensure the company can provide contemporary risk management products and services to help clients manage their unique risk exposures.

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