Bringing the human and social perspectives to risk management
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Bringing the human and social perspectives to risk management

March 26, 2018

Ansvar announced it will provide new contemporary and robust risk management solutions including Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Quality Surveys and Online Risk Tools, under the banner of Ansvar Risk.

Warren Hutcheon, Ansvar CEO, said: “We understand that helping keep organisations resilient and people safe isn’t only about providing insurance cover and compensation. It’s also about supporting, educating and providing specific risk management tools so organisations are fully equipped to manage risks.

“This philosophy, a growing customer need and advances in technology lead to the creation of Ansvar Risk,” Mr Hutcheon said.

Customers from across faith, community, care, heritage and education are seeking enterprise risk management as well as simpler, faster and more cost-effective site quality surveys that provide comprehensive evaluation reports. These services support customers in managing the rapidly changing risks occurring in service delivery and funding environments.

Diana Borgmeyer, General Manager Risk Solutions, said: “Speciality sectors have limited access to relevant risk management services. Risk modelling currently available is often driven out of the finance sector, and while financial risk is important, our sectors face considerable human and social risks which need to be managed and modelled differently.

“Ansvar Risk has been developed to deliver its risk services from the human and social perspective first, and then a financial perspective. Our solution provides customers with a balanced risk approach.” Ms Borgmeyer said.

Ansvar Risk will provide:

1) Enterprise Risk Management: the practice of identifying, managing and prioritising organisational risks. It encompasses strategic workshops, frameworks, tools and e-learning modules to embed sound risk management practices.

2) Risk Quality Surveys: the fast and accurate way to undertake site inspections, collect data and evaluate sum insured calculations to enable informed risk management and insurance decision making. Risk quality surveys often use drone technology to effortlessly capture images from all aspects of a building or large area.

3) Online risk tools and resources: the fact sheets, checklists and incident reporting tools that help customers better understand and manage their risks.

Ms Borgmeyer commented that: “Ansvar Risk have invested in both building our people expertise and acquiring the latest drone and camera technology to ensure our risk management solutions meet the needs of our customers both now and in the future.

“Our people will work with our brokers and customers, using the latest frameworks and technologies to capture data that helps identify risks that can be addressed through risk management interventions. Ultimately this will lead to reduced incidents that cause harm and therefore reduced premiums for our customers.”

Ansvar Risk strongly believe that these robust risk management solutions complement the insurance services we provide via our brokers, and the solutions will provide additional value and relevancy for our partners.

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