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Leading a risk evolution

April 5, 2018

Meet Diana Borgmeyer, General Manager, Risk Solutions at Ansvar – the woman leading the evolution of risk management services for the faith, community, care, heritage and education sectors in Australia.

Diana has built a 20-year career in risk management by keeping her sense of humour and believing in the business and personal value that comes from knowing, understanding and managing risks. She likes to challenge the norms and is forever a change agent.

It is this attitude that led her and her team at Ansvar to evolve standard risk approaches and develop a new, robust and relevant risk management solution. The new solution, to be delivered under Ansvar Risk, includes Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Quality Surveys and Online Risk Tools that support customers in managing sector specific risks.

Speciality sectors have limited access to relevant risk management services. Risk modelling currently available is often driven out of the finance sector, and while financial risk is important, our sectors face considerable human and social risks which need to be managed and modelled differently,” Ms Borgmeyer said.

“Using relevant information, data, frameworks and tools, organisations can learn to effectively manage risk, and therefore are more likely to prevent harm. When risk is understood and managed well it provides greater certainty and enables people to act with confidence.  

“Identifying and managing risks supports organisations to deliver on their purpose and objectives, so it’s actually a very positive thing to do. It ensures they address the things that could get in the way of them achieving their purpose.

At Ansvar, the team believes that keeping organisations resilient and people safe isn’t just about providing insurance cover and compensation. It’s also about supporting customers to be proactive through education and the provision of specific risk management tools.

Ms Borgmeyer also commented that: “Ansvar Risk services are about looking forward, making sense of incomplete information, projecting and assessing scenarios and being solutions focused. Risk management helps customers use information and data to enable robust decision making, and helps organisations live with the uncertainty and constant change that exists in today’s world.

Ansvar will partner with brokers to deliver enterprise risk management and risk quality surveys to our customers.

“Our brokers want to deepen their relationships with customers and supporting customers to think through both their risk and insurance solutions as part of an integrated proposition will help this.

“It will demonstrate greater value and ultimately good risk management can lead to reduced incidents that cause harm and therefore reduced premiums for our customers” she said.

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