Top 3 Tips to Strengthen Safeguarding in an Organisation

Top 3 Tips to Strengthen Safeguarding in an Organisation

November 18, 2021

Over the past decade, Australia has seen three Commonwealth Royal Commissions and countless other parliamentary inquiries, all focussed on the horrific harm being experienced by Australia’s most vulnerable; our children, young people, the aged and those with a disability.

The findings have been explosive in terms of human rights violations. These are the reasons that Australian governments, State and Federal, are responding so forcefully and rapidly with increased legislation, regulation and oversight.

My Top 3 tips to strengthen safeguarding in your organisation:

  1. Embrace change. Don’t fight it. Just as when Workplace Health & Safety was introduced, change, acceptance and compliance was not optional. Likewise, Safeguarding is no longer a ‘Nice to do’ – it is now a ‘Mandatory must do’.  People need to be protected as a priority. Severe penalties may now apply.
  2. Form a Safeguarding Committee. Select the most senior people to prioritise and drive implementation and oversee the changes needed – starting with understanding culture, risk, governance and operational requirements.
  3. Reach out. There is a plethora of help and tips available including risk, policy, procedure and governance. Change doesn’t have to be hard – it’s all about your attitude to change.  Get excited.  Embrace the pride that comes with being a part of keeping vulnerable people safer.  Here are some links for tips and templates.


Access Ansvar’s Safeguarding Risk Alert

Access Ansvar’s Resources & Toolkits

And for further information specific to your sector please visit;

Community: ACNC

Disability: NDIS

Aged Care: ACQS

Children: National ChildSafe Principles


For more information, please refer to the Ansvar Safeguarding Risk Alert;

Remember, the focus is on keeping our most vulnerable people safe.  It’s a team effort.  Ansvar is always on your team.  Reach out if we can help.


Hetty Johnston AM

Safeguarding Practice Expert Lead

Ansvar Insurance

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