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Are your clients’ ready for the Christmas shutdown?

December 21, 2022

The Ansvar Risk Engineering Team would like to remind you that, if your organisation is shutting down for some well-earned rest and recharging over the Christmas period, there are several steps you should take to prepare and ensure a smooth shutdown.


The key recommendations include:
Communicate with employees and customers

Communicate the shutdown dates and plans with employees and customers, so that everyone is aware of the situation and can make appropriate arrangements. This may involve sending out notices, emails, or other forms of communication.


Create a shutdown plan

Develop a plan for the shutdown, including tasks and responsibilities for employees, and a schedule for completing those tasks. This can help ensure that the shutdown is orderly and efficient.


Secure your premises

Ensure that the premises are secure before shutting down, by locking doors and windows, setting alarms, combustible waste or bins are not too close, and taking other appropriate measures. This can help prevent burglaries, vandalism, or other security risks.


Check for water issues

Ensure there are no leaking taps, fixtures or fittings, sinks or drains aren’t blocked, and if need help consult your plumber. This can help prevent water damage, mould and mildew forming over hot and humid conditions of the Christmas break.


Complete a walkaround the outside of your premises

Ensure there are no obvious risks like blocked gutters, trees hanging over the roof and obstructed storm drains. This can help to avoid storm damage, and water ingress into your premises.


Protect sensitive materials

Take steps to protect sensitive materials, such as confidential documents, equipment, and data, during the shutdown. This may involve storing them in a secure location, backing up data, implementing a “clear policy” or taking other appropriate measures.


Prepare for the return

Make preparations ahead of time for your return after the shutdown, such as restocking supplies, cleaning the premises, and making any necessary repairs or maintenance. This can help ensure that the business is ready to resume operations smoothly after the shutdown.


By following these steps, a business can prepare for a successful shutdown for Christmas, ensure a smooth transition back to normal operations after the holiday and hit the ground running for 2023.

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