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A Message from David Henderson, Benefact Group Chair, Ansvar Australia Limited Board Update

March 22, 2024

Patricia Kelly retires as the Chair of Ansvar Australia Board

Today we announce the retirement of Patricia Kelly as the Chair and Independent Non-Executive Director of Ansvar Australia Board, effective 23 March 2024. Patricia joined the Board in May 2014 and has made an outstanding contribution throughout her nine-year tenure.

On behalf of the Benefact Group Board, our leadership team and our people we extend thanks and appreciation to Patricia for her exceptional leadership, commitment, and years of dedicated service as both Chair and Independent Director of the Ansvar Board.

With over forty years of executive and board experience, Patricia is a remarkable leader in the Australian Insurance industry. She has served as the President and Honorary Life Member of the Insurance Institute of Victoria, and Director of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.

As Chair of the Ansvar Audit Committee and Risk and Compliance Committee between 2015 and 2018, and later as Chair of the Ansvar Board and Chair of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee since June 2018, Patricia has steered Ansvar through a number of business changes. Her leadership has focused on fostering sound governance, embracing change and new technologies, promoting diversity, and driving business growth. Key achievements under Patricia’s stewardship include:

  • Building foundation to the sustainable revenue base, and driving growth from $69 million in 2014 to $186m by the end of 2023.
  • Launching the Business Transformation Programme, an operating model transformation supported by significant investment in Ansvar’s new insurance platform. This Programme delivers improved customer and broker experiences, increases efficiency, modernises Ansvar’s technology architecture, and reduces operational risks.
  • Implementing a skills-based approach to the appointment of Independent Non-Executive Directors, enriching the Board with the necessary expertise and experience to support the delivery of Ansvar’s strategic priorities.
  • Championing organisational diversity through a culture of collaboration and inclusion.

Patricia’s dedicated engagement with the Benefact Group ensured Ansvar’s alignment and contribution to Group’s vision and strategy. Her vast experience in governance, strategy, and commercial insights have been invaluable to Ansvar’s success.

Helen Thornton appointed new Chair of Ansvar Australia Board

 I am also pleased to announce the appointment of Helen Thornton, who will succeed Patricia Kelly as the new Chair of Ansvar Australia Board from 24 March 2024.

On behalf of the Benefact Group Board, our leadership team, and our people, we congratulate Helen on her appointment as Chair. We look forward to working with Helen as Ansvar continues to deliver on its vision and strategy, and contribution to Group.

Helen is a chartered accountant and a highly regarded independent director with a broad range of experience across various industries, including insurance. She currently serves as a Non-Executive Director for the Treasury Corporation of Victoria, McPherson’s Limited, ISPT Pty Limited, and Arena REIT Limited.

Helen joined Ansvar Board in May 2018 as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Since September 2018, Helen has taken on significant responsibilities including chairing both the Audit Committee and the Risk and Compliance Committee and is a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Helen has strengthened Ansvar’s corporate governance practices and enabled the business to pursue its ambitious transformation agenda with a focus on accountability and transparency. With Helen’s extensive experience and drive, Ansvar’s Board is poised to continue providing clear strategic direction and support to Ansvar’s leadership team.


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