Community Services Insurance Specialists

The true worth of society is how we take care of the most vulnerable members of our community, in helping the less fortunate and working to make the world a better place.

Ansvar is dedicated to providing support and protection to these organisations as they support their community.

Insurance for charities, volunteers and Not-for-Profit organisations

We understand the unique risks faced by Community Service organisations and Not-for-Profit organisations. Every Community organisation faces risks from damage, theft or arson. That's why the right protection for your organisation is critical.

Working with your broker, we will tailor your insurance cover to match your exact needs and support you with risk management guidance.

Know the risks that need managing for your community organisation

It's important for you to know the risks inherent in your sector. By identifying your specific vulnerabilities, you’ll be better prepared down the track. Ansvar offers advice on a broad spectrum of risk management including: 

We offer tailored insurance products to protect you, your staff and your property. Community insurance products include:

For more information on Community related products or risks, visit Know Your Risks.

Guidance and support from Ansvar

Ansvar provides you with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered. Ask your broker for a quote from Ansvar today.

Risky Business

Risk is unavoidable, it's everywhere — organisations and their people are always exposed, which is why managing risk is risky business. To help you and your organisation mitigate risk, we've developed a range of helpful risk management resources.


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