Specialist Insurance for Faith based
organisations and places of worship

Specialist Church Insurance Coverage for Faith Based and Religious Organisations

Ansvar has a long and proud tradition of providing specialist church insurance solutions to places of worship in Australia. Over the years, we’ve built genuine, deep-seeded relationships within the Faith community, which has helped us to develop an in-depth understanding of the sector’s unique insurance needs.

Whether it’s insurance for pastors, religious properties or Public Liability Insurance for churches; our insights are evident in the specialist protection, support and solutions we offer to Faith-based and religious organisations. Along with tailored insurance coverage, we also provide customised risk management solutions to fit the exact needs of your church, synagogue, mosque, temple or other religious property.

The Australian Faith community is often vulnerable to specific risks that must be managed and diligently monitored, in order to ensure the protection of its members, the wider community and religious institutions in general. At Ansvar, we can assist with this process.

Strengthening risk management within the Australian religious community

Ansvar understands the increasingly complex challenges facing faith based and religious organisations today, especially in areas such as vandalism, theft or burglary, abuse and sexual molestation, as well as the protection of staff, volunteers and relics.

We assist our clients in the management of these unique risks, through highly tailored risk management services that equip you with valuable resources while we continue to provide ongoing support.

Our wealth of knowledge in this area allows our team to assess particular areas of risk, and identify key techniques for improving on organisation-wide practices to minimise these risks.
We provide comprehensive risk engineering services, such as using drone technology to conduct aerial roof inspections of churches, temples and other buildings. These risk engineering services allow us to provide expert advice and recommendations on protecting your organisation.

Why trust Ansvar with your church liability insurance needs in Australia?

We have more than 50 years’ experience providing Australia’s faith, care, heritage, community, education and Property Owners sectors with a vast array of reassuring insurance products that are tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Ansvar Australia is also highly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, and working with community partners to make a positive difference.

In regards to our insurance for religious organizations, we provide a range of products including the Faith Insurance Business Pack, Industrial Special Risk Insurance, Sexual Abuse Cover, Management Liability Insurance and General Public and Products Liability Insurance.

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Key risks in the Faith sector include

Abuse & Sexual Molestation
Theft & Burglary
Protecting Staff & Volunteers
Protecting Relics

Faith Insurance Products

We understand where you may be vulnerable in your organisation and will provide you with the right insurance solution.
Click on the link below for details on each of the products listed.
Faith Insurance
Business Pack
Special Risk
General Public
and Products
Sexual Abuse

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