Community Education

2016/2017 Grant Recipients Overview

The Community Education Program provides grants to support sustainable programs for Australians under the age of 25, promoting ongoing education, skill training and programs making a significant difference to the lives of the participants. We awarded over $250,000 to nine worthy Australian non-profit organisations to our recent CEP recipients. The grant money helps the organisations hugely with the running of their specific programs they have created in various ways such as employment, training and operational costs. Below is an overview on each of our 2016/ 2017 recipients.

Program: Early Language & Literacy

The EL&L program provides requisite tools, resources and strategies to teach children the foundational language and literacy skills. Twelve Palm Island community members had the opportunity to be trained and mentored in the ALNF’s Early Language and Literacy Program.

“Funding received from Ansvar Insurance has assisted ALNF in guaranteeing the sustainability and growth of the Palm Island EL&L Program, ensuring hundreds of children on Palm Island are given the opportunity to access the pre-literacy skills required to be confident lifelong learners,” said Antonia Randles, Programs Officer ALNF.

Program: Back on Track

The funds provided under the grant from Ansvar have allowed the Back on Track program to support young people, aged 12-18 who have shown early signs of disengagement from education and/or entering the Juvenile Justice system. Young people are considered for the program via referrals from Police, PCYC, local youth services and education.

The program aims to develop a routine through consistent exercise, working as part of a team and life skills training; allowing young people to re-establish their education and prevent them from being entrenched in the juvenile and criminal justice system.

Program: Schools in the Kitchen

The Schools in the Kitchen program aims to raise young people’s awareness and understanding of food poverty and other social issues within the community. It also aims to foster a sense of empowerment within teenagers by providing them an opportunity to cook countless meals for individuals who have fallen on hard times.

Ansvar’s grant has provided the opportunity for public school students from lower socio-economic areas in Melbourne, completing VCAL’s to participate in the program, allowing a continuation of skills such as team work.

Program: Scholarships for Disadvantaged Young People

Ansvar’s grant has contributed towards scholarships for disadvantaged young people. The applications will open November 2017 and a further update will be provided. If a young person has secure and stable accommodation via a KUC studio, a KUC scholarship can support their continued engagement with education or training, offsetting some of the basics costs of education such as uniforms, school resources and materials, laptop computers, the cost of public transport to/from school, school excursions, even tools of trade for an apprentice.

The grant sought specifically from Ansvar will likely fund nine or ten of these annual scholarships.

Program: Lighthouse Mothers and Babies

The program aims at supporting young homeless girls and their new born babies. The young girls who have typically experienced abuse and parental neglect are provided a safe, stable home, with 24/7 live in support from carers.

Through counselling sessions and peer support sessions the ultimate aim is to allow them to transition to independent living and both the mother and baby to be healthy and thriving.

Michelle Michie, Lighthouse Foundation Philanthropy Manager “We are immensely grateful for this support which has been crucial in life changing work which has helped so many young homeless girls get off to a healthy start with their newborns. I wish you could experience what I do, when I see these girls graduate to independent living with a strong attachment to their child. Without this help, so many of them would not have been able to manage, and would have given up their baby into the state care system. Thank you for the partnership, and the tangible feeling that the Ansvar team truly cared about homeless children and young people, and that you had their back.”

Program: Mentor 2 Change

Ansvar provided funding for the Mentor 2 Change program, aimed at assisting 30 young people aged between 17-24 years old, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The program involves training mentors who then work with the young person for the extended period of the project. The mentors’ role is highly significant and can assist with providing support, help with tasks, offer advice, support and encouragement.

Mentor support will ensure that homeless young people are giving the foundations they need to overcome their barriers and be better equipped to re-engage with the community.

Program: Mobile Coffee Cart

The program aims to “provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity to gain self-confidence, improve their overall sense of wellbeing, gain a credible work skill and create a supported pathway to sustainable long term employment,” said Maryann Novakovic, St Vincent de Paul Society Grants & Funding Officer.

It also allows them to expand upon their Café Skills training, setting up the mobile cart, customer relations and overall management. This program will work closely with the most disadvantaged young people including Pacific and Torres Strait Islanders who often have difficulties in learning through traditional programs and provide them with the appropriate training and skills necessary to gain employment.

The Ice Meltdown Project
Program: Community Support & Education on Substance Abuse

The grant provided by Ansvar has assisted in the Ice Meltdown Project being sustainable and operational in the community. Spreading awareness through education amongst the community of drug addiction has continued to flourish, with presentations occurring across Loy Yang power station, churches, community groups and students studying community services.

The program also aims to provide education, awareness and support to family members who are dealing with a loved one’s drug addiction to Methamphetamine and their recovery. The funding has meant the progression of securing a permanent place of residence for the program.

Program: Giving Children A Voice

The program primarily supports children with disabilities aged 0-12 years throughout Victoria that have significant communication impairments. The program aims to provide these disadvantaged children with better opportunities to increase their cognitive, physical, educational and social development by providing e-Learning modules. The e-Learning modules created in the program enable children with these impairments to communicate with family, friends and the wider community.

The program also provides an e-Learning module to educate parents giving them the skills and confidence to assist their child in communicating with their peers and families.