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We Provide Aged Care Insurance for Centres, Individual Carers & Other Industry Professionals

The aged care sector is a crucial component of our community and one which requires dedicated care workers going above and beyond to provide their clients with a better quality lifestyle at the time when they need it most.

There are countless roles and professions within the aged care sector, with each subject to a range of risks in performing their daily duties. If you work with the elderly in any capacity, it’s important that you protect yourself against potential Public Liability claims and similar risks.

This includes everyone from individual aged care contractors, right through to healthcare organisation owners, managers, board members and so on.

Other potential risks within the aged sector include:

  • Lifting, supporting and transporting patients
  • Moving and handling beds, mattresses, trolleys, wheelchairs and similar equipment
  • Occupational violence
  • Work-related stress
  • Bullying and harassment

We Provide Tailored Insurance for
Care Workers

The most recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety called for fundamental and systemic aged care reform. Along with a deep understanding of these necessary reforms, we also closely monitor the positive changes and promising advancements occurring in the industry to help us to continue to improve and evolve our Care insurance packages that put our clients’ minds at ease.

There are numerous complex challenges for aged care providers, changing funding models, transition to consumer-directed care and an aged care workforce that will need to expand at a time of “age induced” tightening of the overall labour market.

These changes reflect the complex and fast-moving risk environment that our aged care clients are operating within. Ansvar assists our clients to better manage risk by providing a range of useful and actionable tools and resources.

Ansvar can also provide a variety of educational workshops, state-of-the-art software and other useful resources for helping our clients manage potential risks.

Our aged care insurance packages include (but are not limited to):

  • Retirement Village & Care Facility Insurance
  • Business Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Employment Disputes Insurance
  • Health & Safety Solutions

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