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Comprehensive Childcare Insurance to Give You Peace of Mind

At Ansvar, we pride ourselves on providing tailored insurance and risk management solutions in the sectors that make a real difference to our society. Childcare is an important and essential service within our community deserving carefully tailored insurance and risk protection.

Child Care service providers need to have suitable protection to cover common risks for property assets such as fire and accidental damage, financial loss and also protection for people including carers, volunteers and most importantly children in your care. Ansvar provides you with the peace of mind that your childcare business is well protected.

If you require specialist insurance for your kindergarten, preschool, creche or other forms of child care, Ansvar is here to help customise the most suitable for you. Our team will develop a tailored insurance solution that caters for your unique situation and provides comprehensive cover for the things you value.

Risk Support to Help You Protect Your Child Care Business

Over recent years, there has been significant change in Australia’s child care sector, particularly with the government introduced The National Quality Framework (NQF) – essentially, Australia’s system for regulating early learning and school age care.

With these changes, there is now a new range of tools and resources available to the sector such as improved quality and reporting systems, incident reporting/management, staff credentialing and more effective on-boarding and induction programs. Ansvar’s experience providing support and expert guidance to child care businesses means we can help guide you on the most suitable tools and resources for your needs.

Our Ansvar risk team can assist you with access to a diverse range of sector-specific tailored risk management and personalised solutions for family day care insurance, provide expert advice and useful tools for the protection of your child care business including strategic workshops and online incident reporting software.

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