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Notre Dame fire to spark vital conversations


Earlier this month, the world watched in disbelief as one of Europe’s most treasured landmarks went up in flames – but while the Notre Dame fire was a devastating tragedy, one industry expert says it will also help spark some vital conversations around the risk management of historic buildings.

Warren Hutcheon is the CEO of Ansvar – a risk management and insurance solutions provider which specialises in both the heritage and faith sectors, among others. He says disasters such as the recent Notre Dame fire often prompt owners to reconsider their own risk management strategies.

“Events of this nature do raise awareness with people, and while the events themselves certainly aren’t a good thing, the increased awareness is,” says Hutcheon. “When that awareness has been increased, people start asking questions around whether or not they have sufficient insurance and, more importantly, if they have appropriate risk management in place.”

While nobody – including Hutcheon – wants to capitalise on disaster, major loss events such as the Notre Dame fire do leave clients feeling uncertain and thereby serve as the perfect opportunity for brokers to discuss the development of stronger risk management strategies.

“It’s a good opening for conversations around when they last checked the electricals, when they last performed maintenance on the roof, whether they have the right security in place – everything that’s needed to prevent such an event happening to them,” says Hutcheon.

While prevention methods can be costly, Hutcheon says certain measures should be considered part and parcel of operating a historic or heritage building.

“Society should be thinking about how some of our important buildings need to be carefully protected and well-maintained,” he tells Insurance Business.

“That does require an investment, some of these buildings are very expensive to maintain because of their very nature, but if we don’t do it and we lose them, we’ll never get them back,” he continues.

“So this really is an opportunity for brokers to be talking to their clients around their risk management practices but it’s also an opportunity to discuss the benefits of getting an accurate and up-to-date valuation of the property and its contents.”

Already, more than a billion euros has been pledged to the Notre Dame rebuild efforts and yet it’s thought the final bill will still exceed that figure – this worrying revelation, Hutcheon says, is a good reason for owners of historic or heritage buildings to carry out accurate valuations.

“If you think about some of the historic buildings around Australia, the first thing we want to do is prevent anything happening to them because they’re very difficult to replace – but if something does happen, we want to make sure the client is adequately covered so it can be replaced,” he says.

Much media attention has also been directed at the fate of many historical artefacts within the Notre Dame – including the crown of thorns and the tunic of Saint Louis – which should also prompt brokers to discuss contents with their clients.

“Owners should be asking themselves when they last considered the value of the building but also when they last considered the value of the artefacts and all the important artworks that are inside the building – when did they last do an inventory on that?” he says.

“Those are the types of things that hopefully committees and owners will now be having conversations around – that’s probably the only positive thing that comes from events like these.”

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Ansvar Insurance releases new Business Insurance Products

Ansvar Insurance, one of Australia’s leading specialist insurers, has released a new range of Business Insurance products tailored for its market sectors. Ansvar Insurance is committed to continually improving its product offerings and these new policies reflect industry developments as well as emerging risks faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Australia.

The new policies are tailored for organisations with less than $10M in assets and/or turnover.

“To ensure our new Business Pack products provided a market leading cover, Ansvar engaged LMI to assist in the development. We proactively undertook this product suite refresh due to changing market conditions and to better meet the evolving needs of our clients,” said Warren Hutcheon, CEO Ansvar.

Along with the new products Ansvar is offering a range of risk solutions tools for SME customers. Services available include risk governance resources, sector risk management forums and workshops, factsheets and checklists, and sector practice standards.

Ansvar’s new SME products offer the following benefits:

Streamlined into four sections
All financial lines including Management Liability
Policy wording tailored to industry sectors such as Child Care, Not-for-Profit, Faith, etc.
Increased limits and improved additional benefits
The four sections of the new products include the following features:

Property and Income

Property protection
Income protection
Full accidental damage
Breakdown of mechanical and electronic equipment
Money and theft
General property
General Liability

Sexual abuse
Limited Medical malpractice
Retroactive liability
Member to member
Trauma counselling costs
Public relations expenses
Organisation Liability

Professional indemnity including public relations expenses, emergency defence costs and run off cover for merger/takeover/sale
Management liability including free legal advice, public relations expenses, outside directorships and unlimited retroactive cover
Personal Accident

No age exclusion
Option to insure volunteers, members, students and children
First line of defence for liability claims
High Risk Activities Extension available

Customers with existing Ansvar Business Pack policies will be transferred to the new policy wordings automatically upon renewal.

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Ansvar Insurance Announces Changes to Board of Directors


Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the Care, Community, Education, Faith, Heritage and Strata sectors, announced the appointment of Michael Grantham as a non-executive director to its board.

Michael’s expertise in transformational change will help ensure that Ansvar is in a strong technological position to remain market leader in its specialty sectors.  With over 30 years’ experience as an information and communications technology professional, Michael will assist Ansvar accelerate its IT strategy, embracing new technologies and maximising on the opportunity from the digital disruption currently impacting the industry.

Michael is a former director of CGU Australia Limited, CGU Insurance Limited and Insurer Network Services and has also held a number of CIO positions with CGU Insurance, Australian Customs and Border Protection and Tenix.

“We are excited to welcome Michael to the Ansvar board.  His vast industry experience and digital expertise is the perfect complement to Ansvar’s commitment to continual improvement and technological innovation,” said Warren Hutcheon, CEO Ansvar Insurance.

“Our board are delighted to have secured the services of Michael. Not only does he know the insurance industry well, he brings excellent commercial judgement and great expertise and experience in the IT and digital space which is becoming so much more important to the success of organisations like Ansvar. His skills and experience are also complimentary to the existing skills and experiences of the current board,” said Nick Barnett, Chairman Ansvar Insurance.

“My role on the board will not be just about accelerating Ansvar’s strategy, but helping them define what a future IT environment looks like for the company.  I am excited to bring a fresh set of eyes to the Ansvar board,” said Grantham.

Ansvar also announced Professor Jennifer George and Mr Bruce Harris have retired as directors of Ansvar at the end of their terms after 11 and six years of service respectively.

“Ansvar thanks Professor George and Mr Harris for their strong and valued contributions to Ansvar and their positive impact on the organisation.  We wish them both the very best for the future” said Hutcheon.

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Ansvar Offers Insurance Solutions to the Strata Communities

Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the Care, Community, Education, Faith, Heritage and now Property Strata, today announced a partnership with CSI Strata Underwriting to offer insurance solutions to strata communities across most of Australia, launching Ansvar into a new business sector.

Ansvar currently offers risk solutions to many properties in the heritage and community sectors, so the venture into the property strata market is a natural evolution of Ansvar’s offering and a logical extension of existing capabilities.  Ansvar’s entry into the property strata sector aligns with the strategies of Ansvar’s UK parent, the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, and the Group’s strength in providing risk management solutions for property investors.

“The strata sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. Ansvar’s strengths in providing the most robust risk and insurance solutions to properties in other sectors makes the strata community a logical addition to the Ansvar portfolio,” said Warren Hutcheon CEO Ansvar.

CSI Strata Underwriting is an underwriting agency currently servicing over 120 strata insurance brokers.  “What better partner for Ansvar than CSI, who have a formidable footprint in this country and whose sole focus is strata insurance.   We’re confident this partnership will help us on our journey to fulfill our vision for this new sector,” Warren said.

John Lillie, General Manager, CSI Strata Underwriting, said “Ansvar’s reputation for protecting community-based organisations is second to none. We are pleased to have this additional facility so that we can offer Australian strata communities in larger strata schemes the knowledge and security that their insurance is placed with a reputable and community-oriented insurer like Ansvar.”

“With Ansvar’s vast experience and strengths, this new partnership means we can offer our support to strata brokers nationwide by providing broader cover with higher limits,  to meet legal obligations and the practical needs of protecting property,” John said.

The partnership between CSI and Ansvar was formalized last week, with the Ansvar underwritten product available through CSI from 8th April 2016.

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Specialty Insurer Ansvar Announces Two New Senior Appointments

Ansvar Insurance today announced the appointment of two newly created roles. John Leavey has been appointed to the new position of National Manager for Northern Strategic Partners. Hannah Sparkes also joins Ansvar in a newly created position, as Business Development Underwriter for SA & NT. Further assignments include Darren Fennessy assuming the position of Casualty Portfolio Manager and Rani Edwards joining the team in NSW as Business Development Underwriting Manager.

Leavey will be responsible for achieving significant growth of the Northern region portfolio across Ansvar’s key sectors. This includes identifying new opportunities and working with the team of experienced underwriters to find solutions for broking partners and clients as well as expanding Ansvar’s offerings to emerging sectors.

Prior to joining Ansvar, Leavey was General Manager NSW for Whitebread Insurance Brokers where he previously held the position of General Manager, Broking. Leavey also spent four years as National Relationship Manager – Key Accounts at CGU Insurance.

“I am excited to join Ansvar and bring my partnership experience to help grow existing broker relationships as well as build new partnerships at both the strategic and operational level,” said Leavey.

The new Business Development Underwriter SA & NT position, filled by Sparkes, will focus on strengthening Ansvar’s relationships in these markets and ensure continued profitable growth across Ansvar’s portfolio.

Prior to assuming this role, Sparkes held several Marine Underwriter positions at AIG Australia and QBE, most recently serving as Senior Marine Underwriter at Chubb.

“South Australia and the Northern Territory provide great opportunities for Ansvar, I am thrilled to be in a position to develop new and build on existing customer relationships by providing innovative underwriting solutions in  these markets,” said Sparkes.

“We have created these positions in recognition of the growth opportunities for Ansvar in these markets. John and Hannah bring a wealth of experience to our teams which will provide a huge benefit for Ansvar clients,” said Ian Ireland, General Manager – Business Development, Ansvar Insurance.

In other appointments, Darren Fennessy joins Ansvar as Casualty Portfolio Manager, where he will be responsible for providing technical underwriting support to all relevant stakeholders as well as aligning risk and compliance management to practices within the Casualty portfolio.

Fennessy brings a wealth of experience to the role having held several senior management positions prior to joining Ansvar including Australian Liability Manager at Arch Insurance, Senior Leader Casualty at Suncorp, National Manager Liability Vero Corporate & National Liability Underwriter at SRS Underwriting Agency.

Rani Edwards assumes the role of Business Development Underwriting Manager for NSW, where she will help drive performance and sales success for the NSW branch. She will also be responsible for growing and developing existing clients as well as generating new underwriting business.

Edwards previously held the position of Business Development Manager at Lumley Insurance, where she managed a significant portfolio of business, with a strong emphasis on profitable new business growth.

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Youth Justice and Advocacy Group Whitelion benefits from Ansvar Property and Liability Insurance


Ansvar provides risk solutions to help Whitelion manage risk while providing outstanding services to vulnerable members of the community.

Melbourne, Australia, 30th November 2015: Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the Community sector has announced its retention of Whitelion for the second year in a row.

Whitelion, a Christian organisation that provides support to the disadvantaged has demonstrated its trust in Ansvar by renewing its insurance contract with the firm together with broker EA Insurance. EA Insurance is a specialist provider of insurance and risk management services to faith and not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and is a long held partner of Ansvar.

Whitelion is a charity that helps some of Australia’s highest risk groups, covering at-risk youth from low socio-economic families and the indigenous community. Ansvar underwrites Whitelion’s property and liability insurance to help provide better quality of life to some of the most disadvantaged members of our community.

Whitelion commenced its relationship with Ansvar in August 2014 and is currently in its second year of helping provide services and support. Ansvar’s relationship with Whitelion is unique and plays to the company’s strengths and heritage in the community and faith sector.

“Whitelion provides an essential service for some of Australia’s most overlooked communities,” said Whitelion CEO Mark Watt. “We are delighted to be working again with Ansvar this year, and helping Whitelion’s brands, including Open Family and Belguard deliver services to help everyday Australians get ahead.”

Ansvar’s risk and support solutions are continually evolving to ensure the company can provide contemporary risk management products and services to help clients manage their unique risk exposures. The company’s sector-specific risk solution products; site risk surveys, education forums, risk publications, fact sheets, checklists and practical tools, reflect a commitment to support customers to deliver their important services to communities across Ansvar’s core sectors of Faith, Community, Care, Education and Heritage.

“Ansvar’s strong risk management foundation has helped the company extend its relationship with Whitelion providing risk solutions to help strengthen the organisation to an internationally-recognised standard,” said Warren Hutcheon, CEO at Ansvar.

“Together with our authorised representative partner EA Insurance, we are very focused on strengthening Whitelion from a risk solutions point of view.  Ansvar’s risk solutions advisors provide specialist advice on operational risk and controls and help with the management of risks right across an organisation from the board to the front line,” Warren said.

Ansvar will provide Whitelion with advice, support, templates and propose to implement a new risk register software to support the ongoing development of Whitelion’s enterprise risk framework.

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Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the Care, Community, Education, Faith and Heritage sectors, has announced the next series of national education forums in October and November. In addition, Ansvar has announced they will launch two refreshed products at the forums. The forums, titled Emerging Trends in – Care, Community, Not for Profit and Other Sectors are designed to educate and keep brokers and clients up to date with the constantly changing landscape in these highly regulated sectors.

Ansvar has compiled an impressive roster of key note speakers who will be able to add context and relevance to the emerging trends in these sectors. The forums will examine the impact on the insurance industry and detail what this means for clients.

Ansvar will launch the refreshed Industrial Special Risks and Personal Accident products at the forums, allowing brokers and clients to hear how the policies respond to the market directly from Ansvar’s underwriters.

The refreshed Personal Accident policy will now include an all-inclusive insurance policy for both volunteers and/or students, children and members of the insured organisation.  The new policy will also include a high number of automatic extensions, as well as an option to now include high risk activities such as rock climbing and horse riding. Ideal for schools or community groups that engage in adventurous activities and wish to offer their members cover in the event of an injury.

The Industrial Special Risks product now includes the 80% co-insurance clause as standard and allows for deletion of this clause if there is a property valuation not more than three years old. A Heritage protection endorsement extends the protection on any building of historic significance to be reinstated to a reasonably equivalent appearance, using the original design and suitable equivalent materials if damaged. Flood is now automatically included in this policy and it features a market leading schedule of insurance that will be produced with all quotations and renewals. This new policy and schedule has been fully endorsed by the LMI Group.

“From evolving laws and regulations to updated best practice in risk mitigation, the needs of clients who operate in these sectors are always undergoing change and the forums are an essential platform for brokers who service these clients to ensure they are offering the most robust and informed solutions,” says Warren Hutcheon, CEO Ansvar Insurance.

The broker forums are scheduled twice yearly and conducted nationally. See below for October-November forum details:

Date Location Key Note Speaker Role
Tuesday 13th October Melbourne – Windsor Hotel Jason Newman Principal, Gilchrist Connell
Tuesday 20th October Sydney – The Grace Hotel Peter Ford Partner – Liability, Curwoods
Tuesday 22nd October Brisbane – Rydges South Bank Rebecca Stevens Partner, Cartner Newell
Wednesday 28thOctober Perth – The George Mark Williams Partner, DLA Piper
Friday 6th November Adelaide – Stamford Plaza Grant Mitchell Partner – Mintner Ellison


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Ansvar Announces Three Senior Appointments


Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the care, community, education, faith and heritage sectors today announced that Vito Giudice has been appointed to the position of Chief Risk Officer.  Further new appointments for the firm see Diana Borgmeyer taking on the role of Head of Client Risk Solutions and Helen Auricht appointed to the role of State Manager for South Australia.

Vito Giudice

In his new role Giudice will be responsible for driving and continuing to implement Ansvar’s risk management strategy and practices across the business.  This includes advising the Executive and the Risk and Compliance Committee on risk issues, overseeing Ansvar’s Risk Management and Compliance department and working with the business units to meet strategic goals and objectives.

Giudice joined Ansvar in 2014 and was Risk and Compliance Manager until this recent appointment.  Guidice’s career has focused on the provision of risk management and compliance services to the financial services industry including general insurance.  Prior to joining Ansvar, Giudice held a senior financial services position at Ernst & Young in Melbourne where he provided risk and compliance advisory services to a range of domestic and international banks and insurers.  Giudice has a Master of Business (Risk Management) and a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) at Monash University in Melbourne.

“I am thrilled to be taking on the role of Chief Risk Officer and bringing my experience in risk and compliance to Ansvar,” said Giudice.

“Vito only joined Ansvar 6 months ago as Risk and Compliance Manager and in a short time has demonstrated his vast knowledge of risk management and mitigation to the Ansvar team.   We are absolutely delighted to recognise Vito’s contributions with this well-deserved promotion,” said Warren Hutcheon, CEO Ansvar Insurance.

Diana Borgmeyer

Borgmeyer will be responsible for developing risk solutions with our partners and clients that address the risks in the core sectors that Ansvar operates in.   Borgmeyer has specialised in the social policy space, dealing with complex risk issues faced by organisations that operate in the care, community, education, faith and heritage sectors.

Prior to joining Ansvar, Borgmeyer was the Senior Risk Consultant at Victorian Managed Insurance Authority and previously held the positions Manager Service Delivery Compliance and Risk Manager for the state government of Victoria.   Borgmeyer also spent several years at Konica Minolta where she held the positions of Victorian Business Manager, National Financial Operations Manager and National Manager Corporate Governance and Risk.

“I am excited to be joining Ansvar and work with their diverse range of clients and broker partners,” said Borgmeyer.

“Diana’s unique experience across risk, governance and compliance make her an invaluable new addition to the Ansvar team.  Her focus in the social policy space is a particularly good fit with the clients and the sectors we service” said Hutcheon.


Helen Auricht

With her promotion to State Manager, SA/NT, Auricht will continue her focus on strengthening the key relationships in both markets to ensure continued growth of the states’ portfolio.  Following a great start to the year, Auricht will continue to build on this success and ensure Ansvar will remain the insurer of choice for its clients and brokers.

Before joining Ansvar, Auricht held the position of Business Development Manager at Guardian Insurance Brokers and Account Executive at Aon Risk Services.  Following 7 years with Bank SA, Auricht joined the Insurance industry in 1996. She held roles at Swann and Catholic Church Insurance before moving into broking in 2001 where she developed a keen interest in Care and Not for Profit sectors. Auricht holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and a Diploma of Management from Deakin University in Melbourne.

“Helen’s skill and experience as well as her passion for the Care and Not for Profit sectors, make her the perfect choice to help drive Ansvar’s business goals in South Australia and the Northern Territory,” said Hutcheon.

“I have such a strong passion for these sectors, and this role will allow me to bring the most robust solutions to those operating within the Not for Profit and Care sectors in South Australia and the Northern Territory,” said Auricht.

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Ansvar Refreshes Management Liability and Professional Indemnity Policies


Series of Refreshed Products Announced

Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the Care, Community, Education, Faith and Heritage sectors has refreshed its Professional Indemnity and Management Liability Insurance Policies. These refreshed policies are the beginning of a broader portfolio overhaul which reflects Ansvar’s commitment to continually evolve its product offerings. Ansvar continues to retain its position as a progressive insurance provider by responding to an ever changing market.

Ansvar’s Management Liability Insurance Policy offers the following benefits:

  • 8 separate Insuring Clauses
  • Market leading capacity up to $25m Limit of Liability any one claim and $50m Aggregate Limit of Liability
  • Each Insuring Clause has its own Limit of Liability and an Aggregate Limit of Liability subject to overall Aggregate Policy Limit
  • Large number of automatic extensions offering a wide range of protection
  • Capacity to provide unlimited retroactive cover
  • Suitable for all organisations in our core segments and no limit on the organisations turnover

The Management Liability Policy includes 20 new automatic extensions including cover for Data reproduction expenses, Identity fraud expenses, Public relations expenses, employee and third party fidelity, and Fidelity investigation expenses. The policy compliments Ansvar’s suite of products and when taken out in conjunction with Ansvar’s property cover provides clients with comprehensive protection.

The Professional Indemnity Policy has also been updated to a civil liability wording and incorporates new automatic extensions such as cover for:

  • Consultants, subcontractors and agents,
  • Court attendance costs,
  • Public relations expenses,
  • Emergency defence costs
  • Privacy breach response costs

Ansvar Professional Indemnity Policy offers market leading capacity up to $25m Limit of Liability any one claim and $50m Aggregate Limit of Liability and legal costs are paid in addition to the limit of liability.

“We listened to broker and client feedback when reviewing the policies. Both the Management Liability and Professional Indemnity policies now offer significantly enhanced coverage. We have also taken the opportunity to make these products available to all our customers by removing the minimum turnover requirement” says Richard Wyatt, Ansvar’s Chief Underwriting Officer.

“Ansvar Insurance understands the unique and ever-changing needs and requirements of directors and boards of management in our core sectors; care, community service; education, faith and heritage.  It is in response to these changing needs that we have updated our Management Liability and Professional Indemnity policies, to offer our clients a relevant comprehensive policy and peace of mind,” says Warren Hutcheon, CEO Ansvar Insurance.

You can view the new policies here

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Simon Munday Promoted to CFO for Ansvar Insurance


Ansvar Insurance, Australia’s leading insurance provider for the care, community, education, faith and heritage sectors today announced that Simon Munday has been appointed to the position of CFO.  In this role Munday will be responsible for all aspects of financial management with particular focus on partnering with the commercial areas of the business to improve the quality of management information and drive improved performance. Simon replaces former CFO Deirdre Blythe.

Munday had been acting CFO on two occasions, once in 2014 and most recently since March and held the position of Financial Controller at Ansvar for the past two years.  Prior to joining Ansvar, Munday held senior financial positions at Ernst & Young both in Australia and the United Kingdom.

“I am very excited about taking on the role of CFO and working with our CEO, Warren Hutcheon and the executive team to deliver Ansvar’s strategy and strengthen the company’s position as a leader in its specialist sectors,” says Munday.

“Simon is well qualified for the role and brings a depth of knowledge and experience of the Ansvar Business to the fore.  Further, we are delighted to promote from within as this demonstrates the calibre of our current team.  Simon’s experience in the market is a tribute to his hard work and commitment to the role when he was previously acting CFO.  The board and I congratulate him on this well-deserved appointment,” said Warren Hutcheon, CEO Ansvar Insurance.

Ansvar has also appointed  David Lubbe to the role of Risk Solutions Advisor covering West Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.  In this role Lubbe will be responsible for providing a professional risk management service to both clients and brokers across the three territories.

Prior to joining Ansvar, Lubbe worked within the enterprise risk management team at RAC Insurance in Perth.  Lubbe also has several years’ experience as a risk surveyor in South Africa where he gained practical experience across a broad spectrum of industries including, petro-chemical, gas production and extensive experience in engineering.

“I am looking forward to working with our customers to help them identify and manage their risk.  As part of my new role, I will be developing tailored risk solutions which will offer value to our customers and protect their business from potential losses. I am thrilled to be part of the Ansvar team,” said Lubbe.

“We are excited David has joined the Ansvar team.  His past experience as a risk surveyor, at the international level, has given David the skills to conduct assessments of various sites as well as develop innovative ways to mitigate risk across a wide range of business,” said Warren Hutcheon, CEO of Ansvar Insurance.