What is School Insurance?

September 8, 2022

Kids will be kids – even when they’re at school. And in a place where hundreds of children spend more than 30 hours a week, it’s inevitable that there will be accidents and mishaps from time to time, which is why it’s crucial for schools to have the right insurance coverage for when the unexpected happens.

School insurance coverage is what protects students in the event that they suffer an accident or injury during their studies on campus. An appropriate school insurance policy will cover students of that school 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the following circumstances:

  • While the student is engaging in school activities or school-related extra-curricular activities such as work experience, vocational training or school excursions
  • While the student is participating in organised school sporting activities
  • Travel to and from the school, or school-related activities, such as organised school sporting events


Does your school have adequate insurance in the event that a child is injured?

Schools are a volatile environment where risks are constantly evolving, and no two schools face the same exact set of risks at any given time. As such, school liability insurance coverage should be tailored to each individual school. At Ansvar, we take the time to assess your school on an individual basis, so that we can create a personalised school insurance coverage policy that caters for your institution’s specific circumstances.

Common areas we provide school liability insurance coverage for include:

  • General Public & Product Liability Insurance – This protects the insured against personal injury or property damage claims from a third party, usually as a result of poorly maintained premises, provision of group activities, community events, the selling or donating of products, food handling and other factors.
  • Volunteers Personal Accident Insurance (complements our General Public & Product Liability Insurance Policy) – This cover provides compensation to volunteers who get injured in the act of providing services on behalf of your organisation.
  • Property Insurance: Commercial Premises – Cover against any accidental damage that occurs on the insured property.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – Ansvar will cover you for any lost income in the event that you cannot commence or resume standard operations due to damages or other factors.
  • Crime Cover – This protects you against loss of money due to burglary and theft.
  • Glass Breakage
  • Breakdown of Mechanical & Electronic Equipment

General Property Insurance


Ansvar provides comprehensive school liability insurance coverage

Ansvar has provided independent schools with tailored risk management and insurance solutions in Australia for more than half a century. Rather than simply arranging protection for the unexpected, Ansvar’s insurance and risk specialists  work closely alongside schooling institutions to carefully develop solutions that cater for the specific needs of your school, its students and its faculty.

The same goes for our ongoing risk management support for businesses in care, community, faith and heritage sectors.


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In addition to our insurance products, we provide schools with a variety of helpful resources for managing the risks that are unique to the education sector. To discuss our school liability insurance coverage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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